“I Feel Alive” de Alondra Bentley

Un maravilloso y original video con una voz y una letra que nos invita a mirar uno cualquiera de nuestros días bajo un punto de vista diferente.

“I Feel Alive” Alondra Bentley

Understanding takes a while
so go back to sleep.
All this blue sky shining wild,
makes it hard to speak.
I looked down at the street
but I just couldn’t keep my eyes
looking at the sky
with the birds flying high,
it makes me smile
so why it hearts…

I feel the same love as today
I’m at you today
makes in you from then…

I’m in love with everything that
I can see around.
I remember picking flowers
all of this town.
It was so beautiful
now and then I reckon
I can just see it all
as if it was yesterday…

And the past
is supposed to the last
time I saw you today
makes me wanna say: