Visiones del paraíso: Cielo y Tierra

Un sol oscurecido por las nubes, dejando su reflejo del atardecer sobre el agua. Nubes que son montañas y agua que es tierra. Un espacio infinito en una escala indeterminada de colores, el lugar perfecto donde el cielo y la tierra se encuentran y el tiempo se detiene.

fotografía de Sam Dobrow

3 comentarios en “Visiones del paraíso: Cielo y Tierra


    OK, I’m the copyright holder and I appreciate all those who respect copyrights. The reality of the situation is people hijack other people’s work all the time and its not good for the industry. Although my images are 21MP raw files I never post anything over 800 px and usually only 600 px because of the problems with infringement. Sure, I’d like people to be able to appreciate my images in full screen but it just isn’t possible. What really irks me is when someone cuts my watermark off. Add to that those who use it “commercially” to promote some product or service. And then there are those who cut off the watermark then post it on their blog and put a text blurb giving me credit.

    Here is a guy using my photo as an avatar and pitching some resort in Cancun: … mp;u=19359

    Here is one where some guy uses my photo in his news article and insinuates it is his work although my copyright is on the photo: … e-nite.htm

    Here the guy puts my image on his blog after cutting off the watermark but thinks it’s OK because he gave me credit in the text: … -y-tierra/

    I don’t approve of these uses and some think I should be flattered… I’d rather get paid a license fee.

    As for the modified image in question here, I could have fixed the model’s belly but that is how she looks. I rarely use liquify unless I’m getting paid to retouch or want it for a fine art image. Am I pissed, no, not until the person who modified it wants to call it his work. Is it an infringement on my creativity? You be it is! How could I call it my work after someone photoshopped it? Now it belongs to nobody and makes my work look insignificant.


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